The Counselling Process


I go for the root of the issue. Whether we remember the unmet needs and wounds of the past or not, it is true that they shape who we are today. Many people cannot make progress in various areas of life as a result of them. However, God has a plan and purpose for our lives and He wants to liberate us from the pain and shame of our past that have held us in bondage.


cropped-ottawa-psychologist-Joan-stinson-Christian-counselling-services.png I ask clients to commit to five or six appointments. I tell them that they need to start feeling different in this period of time to know that this form of prayer ministry counselling is working for them

cropped-ottawa-psychologist-Joan-stinson-Christian-counselling-services.pngWith the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I deliver a combination of inner healing and deliverance

cropped-ottawa-psychologist-Joan-stinson-Christian-counselling-services.pngI deploy a process of healing for those who have suffered deep and painful brokenness and trauma

cropped-ottawa-psychologist-Joan-stinson-Christian-counselling-services.pngWhile I prayerfully listen to the voice of God with wisdom and compassion, direction and guidance, many people are healed, restored and released into their God given destiny

cropped-ottawa-psychologist-Joan-stinson-Christian-counselling-services.pngWe will walk together to find hope from the stories of others who were transformed and freed from insecurity, depression, anxiety, rage, suicidal thoughts and many other problems


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